For 29 years Bill Bolin worked at Island Packet Yachts, playing a variety of roles including customer service, dealer acquisition and training, sales, marketing and quality assurance.  For many sailors, he was the "face" of Island Packet, representing the company at boat shows, rendezvous' and industry events.  His passion for all things Island Packet, and his continued friendly connection with many dealers and owners, gives us all an invaluable resource with in-depth knowledge and insight.

Since buying the company early in 2017, we have struggled with how best to provide the kind of support and service Island Packet owners have come to expect.  Our small team is busy rebuilding the brand and creating products for sailors both familiar with Island Packet and those that might be new.  Knowing Bill for the past 25+ years we consider him both a friend and a mentor.  We have asked him to step in here and he is making himself once more available to our owners and buyers.  Bill is available to you for consultation and advice, and offers a number of services and options here on his website.  We have granted him access to all factory boat files, model build books, original blueprints, drawings, sketches and engineering files to better serve you.  Please take advantage of his valuable services, and we will see you out on the water!  You can reach Bill at bill@island-packet-ancestry.com or 1+(727) 743-3100 for questions or to order services off the site.  Your purchase from Bill helps support us as well!

-- Darrell and Leslie Allen, owners, Island Packet and Seaward Yachts, LLC