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With over 40 years in the marine industry, including almost 30 with Island Packet Yachts, we have in-depth understanding of your yacht and your needs.  We have or have access to: technical drawings, Build Books and ECO's (Engineering Change Orders) for all Island Packet models built from 1979 - 2016.

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We're delighted to add Bill and Island Packet Ancestry to our arsenal of customer service

related support functions.

Darrell & Leslie Allen, Owners, Island Packet & Seaward Yachts, LLC

  So good to hear of your renewed involvement with Island Packet.  You are a very valued asset of the Island Packet community and hope this will continue for many years.

Bob Voyt, Island Packet owner

Bill and I have discussed the need for IP owners to have access to these files for years.  I am pleased that Bill's website finally gives us an opportunity to purchase what we need: information!

Hayden Cochran, head of the IPYOA, Island Packet owner

It's really great to see your name connected to a product line that you personally brought a tremendous value to.

Ian Meikle, Island Packet Owner

Am very supportive of this program.  Of course, you are the ONLY person for the job.  Good luck!

Jeff Gabor, Island Packet owner

Need Documentation, for NAFTA, CE or the USCG?

We can provide NAFTA Build Certification, CE Certification, USCG Evidence of Build Letters, and import/export help.